Hampir tidak ada wanita yang bisa hidup tanpa mengenakan gaun, dalam satu atau dua kesempatan dalam hidup, seorang wanita pasti harus memakai gaun. Gaun yang indah membuat Anda tampak tegap dan mempertahankan postur tubuh Anda, Anda juga mulai merasa lebih aman, terutama ketika Anda menerima pujian dari orang lain.

Di sisi lain, menyenangkan untuk mengetahui bahwa gaun itu cocok untuk semua type tubuh: tinggi dan pendek, tipis atau besar, bahkan perempuan dengan banyak otot, ya, yang kami maksud adalah banyak sekali otot! 

Apakah Anda tidak percaya? Silahkah lihat foto-foto berikut! Kami telah menyiapkan kompilasi foto-foto binaragawati yang akan menunjukkan kepada Anda bahwa kami tidak mengada-ada.

1. Si Manis dari Korea, Jhi Yeon Woo.

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Joyful Sunday??????????. #koreastrong Photo by @danrayphoto

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2. Wanita ini adalah ibu dari 4 anak yang cantik, Sarah Burke. Dia terlihat fantastis!

3. Luar biasa! Di sini kita memiliki Angela Yeo.

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With Fitness& fat loss being the number one New year's goals, here's some advice: Your atmosphere is everything. Put yourself in the right place to achieve your goals. Don't worry about being judged at your new gym! Because you know what, you just might be! Maybe you think the person checking you in is judging you, maybe you think the person on the treadmill next to you that has 20 more pounds to lose than you do is judging you, maybe the gym bunny walks by and doesn't give you a second thought. Feel whatever you need to feel, go through it, & let it wash off of you!! Maybe you try to squat for the first time &there's 10 people behind you judging your form. But just maybe- those 10 people become your new gym crew because they reach out to help you! Maybe the lady on the treadmill next to you has a crazy resting gym face but actually ends up giving you a huge compliment, because you're where she wants to be! You can be super fit and people will STILL judge you. I get it all the time. Don't let fear stop you. If you need someone to help you brainstorm, someone to hold you accountable, I provide one tine in-person/phone consults as well as long term diet coaching & training programming. Custom. Have a plan!! Now get the fuck out there& TAKE WHAT YOU WANT. Photography by @kelterskelter84 #KelliMilllerPhotographyAndDesign #ProYeo #PersonalTrainer #PersonalTraining #PersonalTrainingToledo #BestOfToledo #FindItInToledo #GirlsWithMuscle #FemaleBodybuilding #FemaleAthlete #ProfessionalAthlete #WorkForIt #WORK

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#NoFilter #NoFilterNeeded Just a reminder to myself to stay strong through this #growseason . Stay #strong. Stay #thick. Because this effort is all about THE HARVEST. Don't eat like s***. Don't do that stupid dirty bulk. Being a #professionalathlete is the best thing about my life &no one has to talk me into how to do it right, no one needs to remind me about nutrition. As a natural female, it is completely &totally about the intelligence of my nutrition &training design. #Bodybuilding + #SNS taught me how critical every single meal that goes into my body truly is, how I can literally feel it changing me &working for me at a cellular level.. an advantage I think I have over other athletes. I mean, go ahead.. eat, drink, take whatever the fk you want. I'm not taking chances. I know what I want to be made out of. Real, thick, lasting, permanent muscle depends on providing raw materials, not giving my body a bunch of s*** that forces it to search for a nutrient. I never said I was an angel, this is long term commitment. Don't tell these guys… But I prefer rice ? Head to #biceps ratio tho! Shout out @bluespringscbd #TheHarvest #ChildrenOfTheCorn #HarvestSeason #cornfield #Corn #Autumncalling #naturalpro #NatureLust #ProYeo #MealPrep #nutrition #Macros #Micros #GirlsWithMuscle #Lats #Traps #HerBiceps #Physique

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4. Yang masih muda, Elizabeth Bradshaw.

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Chest Day! Everyone wants to be Successful. Many want to be an over night Sensation! • • • • Truth is people only see the end result of Success they dont see the long hours of grinding, hustling, sacrificing and restless sleepless nights of pensive plotting. • • • • It takes many failed strategies to finally reach one monumental goal. So the next time you see someone enjoying life think about how hard they must have worked to get there. Much R E S PE C T goes out to all who… • BELIEVE • PURSUE • CONQUER • Want to be one of the people who loves what they do then go out there and do what speaks to you. Forget about the NORM be different. Forget about the NAYSAYERS. • DO YOUR THING & BE HAPPY? • #ifbbproleague #wpdpro #danrayphoto #latinbombshell #lizbradshawfitness #bodybuilding #rocksbuilt #TeamBradshaw #WorkHardForWhatYouWant #aspiretoinspire #muscularwomen #womensphysiquepro #womenwithmuscles

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5. Apakah Anda akan memilihnya sebagai pelatih pribadi? Kami tidak ragu-ragu!

6. Wanita Amazon kehidupan nyata, Nataliya Kuznetsova.

7. Dia adalah inspirasi, Kristina Nicole Mendoza.

Binaragawati sering memakai pakaian olahraga karena mereka menghabiskan sebagian besar hidup mereka di pusat kebugaran, namun untuk acara khusus mungkin memerlukan pakaian khusus, seperti misalnya gaun.

Gadis-gadis ini terlihat hebat di keduanya.

Apakah Anda setuju dengan kami? Bagaimana menurut Anda?

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